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Physical Examinations.

We evaluate the cat/dog's overall health from head to tail, and make sure to check everything in between. To help detect any abnormalities before they become serious problems.

Recheck Exams

A recheck examination is an appointment that allows us to assess the progress and follow-up on your dog's disease or problem. Maybe you are thinking you can skip it because your dog is doing better? Even if your dog physically looks and feels better, he or she may not be completely back to normal. Some diseases can progress undetected.

The recheck visits to our clinic will depend on the medical condition your dog has. If the condition is chronic, they may require life long-term treatment. By finding, diagnosing and treating these problems early and thoroughly, your dog will live a much healthier and longer life.


Vaccines are designed to expose an animal to a modified version of viruses/bacteria in order to stimulate immunity to these viruses/bacteria without causing disease. Protects your pet from potentially fatal illnesses.  

Routine Spay / Neuter.

We perform surgeries such as spay and neuter. Spay and Neuter helps with many behavior issues and reduces pet overpopulation. Please contact us for more information.

Pet Dental Care.

We do a thorough dental cleaning and polishing for healthy gums and teeth as well as future preventative health, this procedure is done under anesthesia. A pre-dentistry examination is required before any dental surgery in order to determine what needs to be done and also to evaluate your pet's surgical health.It is always a good idea to perform preanesthetic blood testing (Strongly recomended for geriatric patients) before a dental cleaning in order to assess the vitals organs of the body with regards to the anesthetic risk.

Digital X-ray.

X-Ray (Radiographs) are often the first choice in diagnosing internal issues in dogs and cats, with a look at the internal organs and bones.Our In-house Digital X-Ray equipment aids us in quickly assessing any physical injury or anomaly that may be affecting you pet's well being, so we can quickly determine the appropriate course of action. Sometimes, for a second opinion we send our reports to specialist  radiologists, who generally send back their findings within 4 hours.

Lab Services.

Samples such as blood, urine, and feces, are tested as needed for parasites, bacteria, viruses, and many other abnormalities. We have in-house lab and we also send many samples to IDEXX lab.

Micro Chipping.

We will place a tiny tracking chip under the skin ensuring that your beloved cat or dog comes home to you in the event that he should get lost or escape. Chips are more reliable than collar tags and tattoos.Tattoo may fade or blur over time and become difficult to read.

External & Internal Parasite Control

If you notice your furry companion scraping his bottom on the carpet, scratching his/her ears, vomiting, passing diarrhea, turning up his/her nose at the food bowl, or just not being himself, take the hint that something is wrong and schedule an appointment immediately. Parasites can be a problem any time of the year, but a few preventative measures will protect the health of all of your loved ones.For your convenience, many of the products that we carry offer flea, mites, heartworm, and intestinal parasite prevention all in one.

Pet Food & Treats.

We carry veterinary exclusive food for healthy pets as well as dietary specific foods for animals with special diet needs such as, dental diets, diabetic diets, weight management diets, hypoallergenic diets, etc.

Cat/Small Dog Day Boarding.

Temporary care for beloved cats and small dogs when travel, illness, or family emergencies disrupt normal care. We provide the most dependable, secure and safe cat day boarding.

Compassionate Euthanasia.

Euthanasia is the act of humanely putting an animal to "Sleep" (Death). Reasons for euthanasia include incurable (and especially painful) conditions or diseases. Euthanasia methods are designed to cause minimal pain and distress.


The use of high-temperature burning, vaporization, and oxidation to reduce the animal remains to basic chemical compounds, such as gases and mineral fragments (Ashes). The option to take the ashes home (private cremation) is available, call us for details.

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